Posters, Social Media Posts, Email Sigs and more in our FREE Care Quality Commission Audit (NHS) Package! Download below...

Download the materials by filling in the form below. To encourage your hospital or trust to declutter and be more efficient with space, you will need to use some visual communications. Don't worry, we've made you loads, for free.

When visual communications are maximised three great things happen in NHS facilities:

  • People remember to reuse and engagement increases
  • New subscribers join the service and begin contributing
  • Hospital equipment and furniture finds amazing new homes, instead of getting thrown away

In this download you will find:

  • 19 A4 size posters
  • 2 Email signatures
  • 11 Facebook post designs
  • 11 LinkedIn post designs
  • 19 Screensavers
  • 11 Twitter post designs

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