Project plan template; Updated Nov 2019.


Be effective at work. Always know what you need to do.

Print off and stick on the wall to keep yourself and others on track!


Download the Project Plan template by filling in the form below. This template is designed to help you plan the implementation of your reuse scheme. We have broken down the process of embedding your reuse system into 28 little tasks. Some take 5 mins, some take 60 mins. The idea is that you should always know what to do next to help to embed your reuse programme. In this way we can maximise your time and impact!

Use this tempate to:

  • Plan how to embed your reuse programme
  • Assign tasks to others to help embed your reuse programme
  • Collaborate better between stakeholders
  • Maximise your time and effort

Fill in the form below to get the template. Please use the template in conjunction with the Embed Guide , where you can also download communications materials and other support.

Download the template right here.