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Online mentorship to fulfill your potential

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Let us know what you sector, level, years in role, ambitions, goals etc are. 


Search for an appropriate mentor or mentee.


We provide guidance and tools for the mentorship process.

About us

What are we all about?

One of the quickest ways of going from good to great is to be mentored.

Find a mentor.

Serve as a mentor.

Do both.

This is for anyone working towards sustainability objectives in any walk of life, sector or career. Public sector, private sector, entrepreneur and householders.


As a Mentor

  • Gain great personal satisfaction by sharing your experience.  Get an increased energy and motivation by observing your achievements objectively. Re-examine the way you work and improve. Helps manage stress and anxiety by gaining perspective on your work. Gain an added sense of purpose and fulfillment.

As a Mentee

Learn from mentors' mistakes and get the shortcuts to success. Progress faster than you thought was possible. Increase your confidence. Increase your skill level. Get improved professional relationships, networks and opportunities.   Learn how to excel.

What people asked

Frequently Asked Question

How do I mentor?

We will provide you with the online worksheets, questions and plans so you can plan a mentorship session and track progress over time so that actions are accounted for. 

How does the matching process work?

Once you sign up we will ask you a few questions about your career and then you can search for an appropriate partner. 

Is this online or offline?

This is an online support community. Mentorship is conducted via online tools. 

How much time will this take?

Each mentorship session is strictly 30 minutes per month. This is to keep things focussed. This is then followed by a 15-30 min paperwork/ review process. So 60 mins a month.